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Red Ribbon Week


The Young Marines take pride in providing continuous training on Drug Prevention to it's members.  Use this week to give DDR classes to non-Young Marines, read up on what it takes to achieve the DEA device and if you meet the requirements, submit the completed packet to Mr. Gurley for review.  Even if you don't get all 4 required classes in for the device, the message you are sending to your students in the classes you DO give, will last them a lifetime.  Reach out and make a difference Speedway! - Mr. Hulett


As the Adult Leaders and some parents and Young Marines are starting to figure out, Mr. Hulett was trying to automatically qualify and issue you your awards as you became eligible.  This was great for YOU, stressful for him.     

To avoid Mr. Hulett getting stressed out or forgetting your award, you will now need to turn in a Ribbon Submission form (below) for any award you believe you are eligible for.  
If it is a Unit Qualification (like Fire prevention training or Marksmanship) you do NOT need to do this, this is only for the ribbons you believe you have qualified for, outside of normal Unit Functions.  Please turn all these forms into Mrs. Hulett for verification.  YOU (the Young Marine) will need to sign it, have Mrs. Hulett sign it and then get it to Mr. Gurley for final approval.  

Please follow the procedures on the form, as well as the SOP (on the 'get involved page') 


As you could probably already tell, Community Service is a very important part of being a Young Marine.  Some Young Marines think that once they get their 50 hours of community service in 12 months, and get that ribbon, they are finished. We at Speedway Young Marines consider serving our community, an honor and are proud to say that even though we are only the third largest Unit in Indiana, we had over 3200 hours of combined community service hours last year, smoking the other, larger Units in the State by at least 500 hours. 

We pride ourselves in helping others and intend on beating our own record in 2014.  If you are a Speedway Young Marine or are having a Speedway Young Marine do some community service for you, please click on the below form, fill it out, get it signed and turn it in.  We will log all valid hours in the database.  

If, within a week you do NOT see your "submitted" hours in your recordbook (online), please get with Mrs. Hulett to inquire.  Also, it is suggested that you maintain a log of what you've turned in, just in case a form is misplaced.  It doesnt happen very often but it does happen so please consider keeping and having us initial the below log.

Our next shoot is:  Saturday, October 25th from 1500 - 1700.  This will be an important shoot to attend.  We will have a certified rifle instructor and Danville Police Officer there to run everyone through a rifle safety class.  You will NOT be required to pay the $5 range fee for this shoot.  Any cost associated with this class will be covered by the Unit for all Young Marines.  This class will NOT get you a hunter's safety certification but will qualify you for the Marksmanship ribbon through Young Marines.

124 E Twin Bridges Rd., Danville, IN 46122


Indy Honor Flight 8 will be on November 8th at Plainfield High School.  Please be there at 18:30 (6:30pm), in your INSPECTION uniforms.  (That means ribbons and white tee-shirts, shined boots, fresh haircuts, the works).  

We have been to ALL 7 previous Honor Flights and will continue to support and attend each and every one.  It's a true honor to welcome these Heroes home.  This does count for Community Service.

The Speedway Young Marines is a PREMIERE Youth organization for boys AND girls, ages 8 through the completion of high-school.  Our primary focus is DISCIPLINE, LEADERSHIP and TEAMWORK.  We believe that discipline begins in the home and is reinforced by positive influence and a healthy, DRUG-FREE lifestyle.  Speedway Young Marines was awarded BOTH the Marine Corps League's Unit Commendation award AND the Young Marine Unit Commendation from National Headquarters in Washington DC for 2013.  The *Young Marine Unit Commendation award speaks volumes for the Unit to which it is awarded and we will continue to strive to make the best possible environment for you and your kids.  We ARE the best youth organization around, sign up and we'll prove it to you. 

Our next 'Boot-Camp' starts in January 2015.  

* "The Young Marine Unit Commendation is awarded to the Unit that Distinguish themselves by performing extreme meritorious service

rendering the unit outstanding compared to other units performing

similar service". - YM Awards manual

Back Row L-R: Mr. Joe Lusignan (Ntn'l DDR Resource Officer) David Hulett (Unit Commander), Keith Gurley (Executive Officer) 

Middle Row L-R: YM/SgtMaj Corin McKee (Division 5 Young Marine of the year, 2013); YM/Cpl Hulett, A; YM/Pvt Smith; YM/PFC Grimme, C;YM/PFC Henk; YM/Cpl Jones; YM/SSgt Gurley, C; Mr Mike Kessler (Naional Executive Director of the Young Marines)

Front Row L-R: Mr. Mac Magana (SgtMaj/USMC Ret and 5th Division Commander); YM/LCpl Davis; YM/Cpl Hardman; YM/Pvt Bond, A; YM/Pvt Bond, C; YM/Pvt Pickard; YM/LCpl Bond, M; YM/GySgt Grimme, P; YM/SSgt Hulett, B

Above; Participants of the 1st Annual, Indiana Young Marines Battalion drill competition, only half of Speedway Young Marines and less than half of Columbus Young Marines participated but it was really a fun time for all.  Each year is sure to get better and more attended.  Congratulations to Columbus Young Marines for getting 1st place.  Not by much so we at Speedway are coming for that trophy next year.  Semper Fi Columbus, we really had a great time.

 The forms for becoming part of our growing family are able to be filled out on your computer through this site so try it out.  Once we receive your application, you will be notified of your lock-in status.  If you have any questions or concerns, regarding the process, cost, or the program itself and can't find the answers here, please go to the "contact usportion of this site and ask away.     

By Registering on this Website, you will instantly become awesome!  SgtMaj Jarhead is waiting, register now.   It's free and you do NOT have to be a Speedway Young Marine to register