Speedway Young Marines
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September 2014 promotions

Tristan Barrett to Corporal
Mace Bond to Sergeant
Mariah Henk to Sergeant
Jonathan Jones to Sergeant
Blake Hulett to Master Sergeant

Congratulations to all 5 of you.  You have all worked very hard to get where you are in this program and I don't want you to only look at this as a great accomplishment, but also look at it as a stepping stone for even bigger things. - Unit Commander

The rise and fall of the 'Danny Awards'

As the Adult Leaders and some parents and Young Marines are starting to figure out, Mr. Hulett tries to automatically qualify and issue you your awards as you become eligible.  

This is great for YOU, stressfull for him.  Sometimes after drill, Mr. Hulett will get approached with 'verbal' confirmation that you are able to receive a certain ribbon and with daily life going on, he will forget.  When Mr. Hulett forgets your award, he now calls that a 'Danny Award".  

Since none of the Young Marines in the Unit (yet) are named Danny, Mr. Hulett likens forgetting your award, to forgetting your name and calling you "Danny" instead.... hence the name, 'Danny award'. 

 Mr. Hulett does NOT like Danny Awards so.... click below if you think you qualify for a ribbon that you have not yet received, or for any ribbon going forward that you have documents for that Mr. Hulett hasn't caught on to yet.  Help an old man out.... Thanks.

Signed, the old man

The next "Operation Homecoming" will be on Saturday, September 6th at the Plainfield High School located at 1 Red Pride Dr., Plainfield, IN 46168.  (Map below).  Be there no later than 19:30 so we can ensure we go through instructions a minimal amount of times.

This is a great opportunity for the Young Marines and everyone around them to show support for the greatest generation of U.S. Veterans.  So many things would be so much different today, if not for these brave men and women so lets show our support once again, by helping to welcome them home from one of the greatest journeys of their lives.

1 Red Pride Dr., Plainfield, IN 46168

Our next shoot is:  Sunday, September 20th from 11:00 - 14:00.  PLEASE remember the $5 range fee will apply to all shooters.  NO shooting before the range is open at 11:00.  If you bring your own ammo, $5 is all you'll need.  If you need ammo from the Unit, you will need a total of $8 for the day.  ONLY Young Marines and Young Marine Recruits will be authorized to shoot during live fire.  If you are not a Young Marine or Recruit and want to shoot, OR bring other weapons with you to shoot, you will need to wait until after our shoot is complete before you will be allowed on the firing line.  A map to the range is below.   

124 E Twin Bridges Rd., Danville, IN 46122

Sunday, September 21st starting at 10:30 am.  (Map below).  Help us out again by showing up ready to work.  Bring family and friends to help out as well if you want. Every year, the founder of this great organization gives the Speedway Young Marines a great donation and we repay him by helping his non-profit organizatoin the best way Young Marines know how... by cleaning up.

Enter your address...9919 Towne Road Carmel, Indiana 46032

DRILL ON 9-22-14 will be at a different location:
We will be using this drill night as Fire Prevention and Advanced First Aid training.  Click on the Map below for directions.  Do not stop at the building, keep driving West on Lakeview Drive and make a left.  You will see the tower on your right side as you drive south.  Drive to the very last entrance and make a right.  Do NOT block any firetrucks or emergency vehicles when you park, thank you!

700 N high school Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46214

Veterans' Remembrance Day 2014

                                      The 3rd Annual Veterans Remembrance Day
will be held September 27, 2014 in downtown Indianapolis  on the South steps of the Indiana War Memorial.  455 LED balloons, each representing a fallen Hoosier Veteran lost while on active duty since 9/11 will be released into the night sky.  Indy Honor Flight,  Gold Star Mothers and the Fallen Hoosier Heroes Memorial are strong supporters of this event and helped us make this a truly awesome spectacle for the last two years.  (Visit the photo gallery for pictures of Veterans Remembrance Day 2012 & 2013)  The video above is also from the first year.  If you would like to help with this event, please "contact us" and we would be glad to accept your help.  If you would like to donate, please click on the "Sponsors" page.  All donations are tax deductible.  

Thank you CIYM, CYM, Senator Delph, Joe Venable and all the other guests and volunteers that made this event all come together.  Couldn't do any of it without you. -  Dave Hulett / Unit Commander

                The website is still being constructed but is up and running,the address is:

The IN Dept. of Veterans Affairs is on board now also.


Scroll down to “latest headlines and events” and our Flyer is linked to their website….. It’s good for this ceremony to finally be recognized.  Our Indiana Young Marines put all they have into it, it needs to be seen.

David Hulett - Unit Commander / Speedway


Community Service is a very important part of being a Young Marine.  Some Young Marines think that once they get their 50 hours of community service in 12 months, and get that ribbon, they are finished. We at Speedway Young Marines consider serving our community, an honor and are proud to say that even though we are only the third largest Unit in Indiana, we had over 3200 hours of combined community service hours last year, smoking the other, larger Units in the State by at least 500 hours. We pride ourselves in helping others and intend on beating our own record in 2014.  If you are a Speedway Young Marine or are having a Speedway Young Marine do some community service for you, please click on the below form, fill it out, get it signed and turn it in.  We will log all valid hours in the database.  

The Speedway Young Marines is a PREMIERE Youth organization for boys AND girls, ages 8 through the completion of high-school.  Our primary focus is DISCIPLINE, LEADERSHIP and TEAMWORK.  We believe that discipline begins in the home and is reinforced by positive influence and a healthy, DRUG-FREE lifestyle.  Speedway Young Marines was awarded BOTH the Marine Corps League's Unit Commendation award AND the Young Marine Unit Commendation from National Headquarters in Washington DC for 2013.  The *Young Marine Unit Commendation award speaks volumes for the Unit to which it is awarded and we will continue to strive to make the best possible environment for you and your kids.  We ARE the best youth organization around, sign up and we'll prove it to you. 

Our next 'Boot-Camp' starts in January 2015.  

* "The Young Marine Unit Commendation is awarded to the Unit that Distinguish themselves by performing extreme meritorious service

rendering the unit outstanding compared to other units performing

similar service". - YM Awards manual

Back Row L-R: Mr. Joe Lusignan (Ntn'l DDR Resource Officer) David Hulett (Unit Commander), Keith Gurley (Executive Officer) 

Middle Row L-R: YM/SgtMaj Corin McKee (Division 5 Young Marine of the year, 2013); YM/Cpl Hulett, A; YM/Pvt Smith; YM/PFC Grimme, C;YM/PFC Henk; YM/Cpl Jones; YM/SSgt Gurley, C; Mr Mike Kessler (Naional Executive Director of the Young Marines)

Front Row L-R: Mr. Mac Magana (SgtMaj/USMC Ret and 5th Division Commander); YM/LCpl Davis; YM/Cpl Hardman; YM/Pvt Bond, A; YM/Pvt Bond, C; YM/Pvt Pickard; YM/LCpl Bond, M; YM/GySgt Grimme, P; YM/SSgt Hulett, B

Above; Participants of the 1st Annual, Indiana Young Marines Battalion drill competition, only half of Speedway Young Marines and less than half of Columbus Young Marines participated but it was really a fun time for all.  Each year is sure to get better and more attended.  Congratulations to Columbus Young Marines for getting 1st place.  Not by much so we at Speedway are coming for that trophy next year.  Semper Fi Columbus, we really had a great time.

 The forms for becoming part of our growing family are able to be filled out on your computer through this site so try it out.  Once we receive your application, you will be notified of your lock-in status.  If you have any questions or concerns, regarding the process, cost, or the program itself and can't find the answers here, please go to the "contact usportion of this site and ask away.  We've got big things coming so get your friends in the door.  Remember, the recruiting incentive program can earn you money and can save your parents money. 

YES, even Recruits can participate in the recruiting incentive program.   

By Registering on this Website, you will instantly become awesome!  SgtMaj Jarhead is waiting, register now.   It's free and you do NOT have to be a Speedway Young Marine to register